Additional Services:


If not providing return postage we will add the exact cost of postage based on the desired return method plus an additional $10 return fee to the above posted rates. Please call for additional details.


a service of

 1 - 5 Documents


 Eash additional document add**


       * Fuel surcharge is not included in this rate. Please call for the current fuel surcharge rate.

     **If you have 50 or more documents to be processed please call for special rate pricing.

The below rates reflect the soonest turnaround time possible. If we receive your package prior to 10:30am central then your document will be return mailed the same day. If received after 10:30am, same day return is not guarenteed.

Please check with the Texas Secretary of State for the applicable fees.


Texas Secretary of State


Method of Payments:


We accept Checks, Money Orders as well as most major credit cards.






Please call for invoicing options.